Some may not think three is a crowd, but that was the underlying predicament that led JT + Agnostics to pen “One and One.” Just when they’d thought they’d found the one, that one went and tried to add just one too many into the mix. From this unfortunate tale comes a song that takes … Read more

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JT+Agnostics One and One single

One and One is the first release from JT+Agnostics but far from their first foray into the music scene. John Thomson, who leads the band, has been playing and gigging since the early 1970’s. A savvy bass player and singer/songwriter with an ironic touch, he makes a canny quick-witted job of fronting the band. Thomson … Read more

Maciek Hrybowicz

Maciek Hrybowicz of JT+Agnostics playing guitar at night

Maciek is a New Zealand guitarist born in Poland. After spending much of his life in London he moved to New Zealand where he lives with his wife. He currently composes and records his own music, produces records for Kiwi artists, plays live music in and around Aotearoa and has performed at several jazz and … Read more

I was a punk!

Maciek Hrybowicz of JT+Agnostics at the Bridge House in 1979 with the Warm Jets

In 1976 I found myself in London looking for a band to join. Back then the music magazine, Melody Maker ads were THE place to get gigs. What I didn’t know then is that I was witnessing a massive change in music triggered by the emergence of punk rock. One day I spotted a interesting … Read more

Neil Reynolds

Neil Reynolds portrait

Neil was introduced to drumming at intermediate school when he was invited to join their fledgling Pipe band. This is what led him to learn the rudiments (rolls, flams, paradiddles etc.) which would hold him in good stead as he progressed his drumming career. He went on to be lead side drummer in the Hamilton … Read more