I once had a talk with Amos Garrett (no fooling)

Amos Garrett with John Thomson composite image

In 1991 I was in Vancouver BC because my wife Carole had designed a quilt for the Commonwealth Games to be held in Victoria Vancouver Is. in 1994. (The games were held in Auckland in 1990). I asked my friends that we were staying with if there was any live music we could go to, … Read more

I was a punk!

Maciek Hrybowicz of JT+Agnostics at the Bridge House in 1979 with the Warm Jets

In 1976 I found myself in London looking for a band to join. Back then the music magazine, Melody Maker ads were THE place to get gigs. What I didn’t know then is that I was witnessing a massive change in music triggered by the emergence of punk rock. One day I spotted a interesting … Read more