One and One

One & One singe cover

This song has had a long period in recording gestation – we tossed this around over the ether during the first lockdown and then the original rhythm tracks were put down in Aug 2020 in that glorious pre-Omnicron period, the horns and bv’s in early 2021 – then lock-down 2 made us think about delaying so that we could support it with live performance.

We shot the video on an iPad one lovely March morning in Kāwhia. We were lucky to have art direction from New Zealand artist Carole Shepheard, who also let us use some of her artworks as backgrounds.

It’s about the inevitable demise of a relationship when one member wants it to be open, and the other doesn’t. Guilt can also have a long period of dormancy and then needing to be assuaged. The lyrics were sparked by an old flame coming up to me at a gig and apologising for her actions of 25 years ago by asking me if I was “doing OK”.

  • John Thomson – vocals and bass
  • Kat Bayne – backing vocals
  • Maciek Hrybowicz – guitars and production
  • Morris Taylor – slide guitar
  • Bill Forrest – saxophone
  • Grant Mason – trumpet
  • Neil Reynolds – drums

Recorded at The Porch Recording Studio in Hamilton, engineered by Regan McKinnon

Additional recording by Maciek Hrybowicz for

Photos Mark Hamilton