The night I played with Joe Walsh (no shit)

I was playing in the Corner Bar of the Gluepot in Ponsonby in 1990 with JT and the Bluebenders with Brett Neilsen, Graeme Webb and John Key. That night we were doing a set backing Andy Anderson. It was the time when JW was in NZ working with Herbs on the Homegrown album.  Gordon Joll (their drummer at the time) came in and said to us in a break – “Hey, Joe and I have just been out for dinner and we were walking by and heard you guys playing and wondered if he could come in and play with you.” We said “Yeah sure” – trying to sound as nonchalant as we could. There was some rearrangement of gear and lending of guitar amps – Joe sat down on a stool and said “Don’t worry – I’ll behave myself” – and he did. At the end he played Rocky Mountain Way (I think)  to raucous applause – shook the band’s hands – said how much he’d enjoyed himself and left. I think I walked a couple of inches off the ground for a few days after.

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