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Everytime I Walk Out The Door

Self penned songs, well curated covers played Kiwicana blues style


blues you CAN believe!

Single: One and One

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This song has had a long period in recording gestation – we tossed this around over the ether during the first lockdown and then the original rhythm tracks were put down in Aug 2020 in that glorious pre-Omnicron period, the horns and bv’s in early 2021 – then lockdown 2 made us think about delaying so that we could support it with live performance. Read more >

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JT+Agnostics bio

JT+Agnostics live

JT+Agnostics are a New Zealand/Waikato band fronted by bassist and song writer John Thomson who together with Maciek Hrybowicz on guitar have self produced and recorded a selection of blues based songs. They are joined by Bill Forrest on sax and Neil Reynolds on drums, and often include Holly Shepheard on vocals as well as Freddy Limbert on drums.

Why JT+Agnostics?

There’s a sense in NZ of an orthodoxy about playing “the blues” or “authentic blues”. The blues has grown from its roots in the USA to take root around the world in different places and sprout in different ways. We call our version kiwicana blues – blues you CAN believe!


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  • The night I played with Joe Walsh (no shit)
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  • JT+Agnostics play Kiwicana blues
    I’ve been scratching my head about what to call the style of music that JT+Agnostics play. Yeah… it’s blues, sort of, I mean we do play some 12 bar blues which most think is the blues, but we love playing non blues ballads as well, … Read more
  • I was a punk!
    In 1976 I found myself in London looking for a band to join. Back then the music magazine, Melody Maker ads were THE place to get gigs. What I didn’t know then is that I was witnessing a massive change in music triggered by the … Read more

JT+Agnostics Videos

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Walking By Myself – concert version
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Walking By Myself – living room version
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Sample of JT+Agnostics live
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Jealous Kind

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